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Speech Communication Technical Committee

Scope of Scientific Activities 

We are a special-interest group of about 950 scientists within the ASA concerned with the study of the production, transmission, and perception of spoken language, including the following:

Thus, we come from many different disciplines, including at least physics, speech and hearing science, experimental psychology, linguistics, electrical engineering, etc.

Please read the new proposed “Scope of Scientific Activities” of the SCTC and send any comments to sctc-scope@geoff-morrison.net (Subcommittee: Geoff Morrison, Tessa Bent, Brad Story, and Ben Munson).

Draft SCTC Scope 2010-02-23 GSM.pdf


Chair of Technical Committee

Catherine Rogers
Associate Professor

Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders

University of South Florida


Support for Students

Rachel Gilbert is the SCTC student representative.  Some specific information relevant to students include:

Student Paper Award. The best paper in a Speech Communication session of the Society that is authored primarily by a student receives the Dennis Klatt Award (and a couple hundred dollars).

Student Travel Awards. Travel support for students to attend Society meetings. Applications must be submitted well before the meeting.

Student Receptions. At Society meetings a reception is held for students that offers an opportunity to meet invited senior members. For details see announcements for specific meetings of the Society.

The Raymond T. Stetson Scholarship in Phonetics and Speech Production
More information and an application form are available at the ASA Fellowships page.


Current Members of the STC*


Term to 2017

Term to 2016

Term to 2015

Jody Kreiman

Noah Silbert

Rachel Theodore

Sarah Ferguson

Frederika Bell-Berti

Mitchell S. Sommers

Benjamin Munson

Peggy Nelson

Peter Assmann

Christian Stilp

Alexander Francis

Tessa C. Bent

Charles B. Chang

Marc Garellek

Helen M. Hanson

Diane Kewley-Port

Shrikanth S. Narayanan

Sona Patel

Christine H. Shadle

Maureen L. Stone

Emily Q. Wang

Peter J. Watson

Xinhui Zhou

Suzanne E. Boyce

Bruce R. Gerratt

Eric J. Hunter

Jelena Krivokapic

Sungbok  Lee

Conor T. McLennan

Geoffrey S. Morrison

Rajka Smiljanic

Brad H. Story

Scott L. Thomson

Peter J. Watson

Zhaoyan Zhang







Ex officio

Anders Lofqvist, member of Medals and Awards Committee
Suzanne E. Boyce, member of Membership Committee
Shrikanth S. Narayanan, member of ASACOS
Jenna Luque, member of Student Council

*Based on Acoustical Society of America Technical, Administrative, and Ad-Hoc Committees


Speech Communication Technical Committee

Concerned with the study of the production, transmission, and perception of speech, including the following:
-Speech production: physiology, mechanics, and acoustics of speech and voice production; models of speech production; first-language and second-language speech production
-Acoustic phonetics, including segmental and suprasegmental aspects of speech
-Speech perception: physiological and psychological aspects of speech perception; voice quality perception; models of speech perception; first-language, cross-language, and second-language speech perception
-Speech acquisition: acquisition of speech production and perception; first-language and second-language speech acquisition; models of speech acquisition
-Speech and hearing disorders: effects of speech production disorders on the articulation, acoustics, and perception of speech; effects of hearing impairment on speech perception and production; effects of aided hearing or speech (e.g., hearing aids, cochlear implants, electrolarynx) on speech perception and production
-Neuroscience of speech production and perception
-Speech intelligibility: perception and intelligibility of accented, disordered, and synthetic speech, and of speech degraded by noise or transmission channel; production and perception of speech in acoustically adverse environments
-Communicative aspects of singing: production and perception of phonetic or emotional content in song
-Speaker classification and speaker identity: articulatory, acoustic, and perceptual properties of speech linked to a speaker’s sex, gender, age, and emotional state; sociophonetics; speaker, language, and dialect recognition by humans and machines; forensic voice comparison
-Audiovisual and other multimodal speech perception
-Speech processing and speech technology: signal processing of speech; speech synthesis; automatic speech recognition


Klatt's History of Speech Synthesis

         audio clips from his 1987 JASA article

Some Major Journals


Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

JASA Express Letters


Speech Communication

IEEE Transactions on Speech & Audio Processing

Language and Speech

Computer Speech and Language


The Phonetician

Journal of Phonetics

Journal of the International Phonetic Association

Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan



Interesting Speech Web Sites

Acoustic Phonetics (University of Delaware)
Klatt Synthesizer (1980)
Animated vocal fold oscillations and other articulation demos (UCLA Linguistics. Check their Demos and Illustrations page)
Sinewave synthesis of speech (from Haskins Labs)
TTS Text to Speech - audible speech from text (AT&T Labs Research)
X-ray videos of speech production in English and French (Kevin Munhall, Queen's Univ, Kingston, Canada)
Kiel Institute of Phonetics and Digital Speech Processing

Daniel Jones, Cardinal Vowels

Dennis Klatt (1987), Milestones in Speech Synthesis (a different arrangement of “Klatt’s History…” above)


Some Resource Sites for Speech Communication

Diane Kewley-Port's 'Acoustics of Speech' page   Acoustic analysis, technology, tools, tutorials, etc.
UC Santa Cruz Speech Research Page   A long list of speech perception and speech processing sites.
University of Amsterdam Speech and Language Index   Includes conferences, dictionaries, etc.
MBROLA   A freely available multilingual speech synthesizer developed at TCTS Lab, Mons, Belgium
Speech Intelligibility Index
Articulation Index of Fletcher and Galt
Praat Speech Analysis Software 
Alvin - Experiment control software
TubeTalker Speech Synthesis
TIMIT Acoustic-Phonetic Continuous Speech Corpus
National Center for Voice and Speech Vocal health, tutorials, information
3D Vocal Tract Images: MRI, CT
Vocal Tract Visualization Laboratory
Speech Processing and Auditory Perception Laboratory

Related Professional Organizations

ISCA - International Speech Communications Association
ISPhS - International Society of Phonetic Sciences
IAFPA - International Association for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics
IPA - International Phonetic Association

ACSS - Auditory Cognitive Science Society

ASHA - American Speech-Language-Hearing Association


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