Women in Acoustics: Breaking Barriers in Sound

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The Acoustical Society of America's Women in Acoustics Commitee was created in 1995 to address the need to foster a supportive atmosphere within the Society and within the scientific community at large, ultimately encouraging women to pursue rewarding and satisfying careers in acoustics.


Girl Scout Night in San Diego

Brianne Moskovitz, from MPL at Scripps, demonstrating how sound travels differently in different media, such as air and water. Murray Korman from the U.S. Naval Academy allowing the students to explroe his ripple tank to learn about interference and reflection.

The Acoustical Society of America held its third session for area girl scouts on November 1st in San Diego. Sixty three girls from local area troops attended. First, the girls were introduced to acoustics in a one hour tutorial in which they learned about sound waves and hearing. Each girl even constructed her own straw slide trombone. In the second hour, the girls played with hands on demonstrations of sound and waves including a wave tank, a voice synthesizer and standing waves on strings. Older girls were introduced to the various careers in acoustics and engineering. At the end of the session, the girls earned a patch from the Acoustical Society.

Click here to view more photos at San Diego Meeting.

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